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Hello, my name is Mike Miller! I am the operating owner of Double M Garage Doors. I have a son who was born in 2022. I moved out to Pecan Plantation (Granbury), from Northwest Fort Worth to have that small town feel, and I am very pleased with my choice!

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to get to know me.

In 2005, I began working for one of the largest garage door companies in Fort Worth, installing and repairing residential and commercial doors for about 9 years, 5 of those years were spent servicing commercial doors. In 2014, I began a full-time management career in the trucking industry, their main service was hauling stage equipment. Then in 2020, life as we all knew it, came to a screeching halt overnight with the pandemic!

Ironically, in the months leading up to the pandemic, I had been considering ending my management career and going into business for myself. So, in the beginning, I would do garage door repair in our neighborhood in the evenings and on weekends to make extra money and help my fellow neighbors. That is when I discovered, in the words of my neighbors just how desperately in Pecan, and surrounding areas were in need of a great, garage door technician. The stories I heard were very disheartening. People were paying for services that were not being performed, technicians were selling customers equipment that they didn’t even need. Also, promises made by these same companies to perform a service mostly never showed up at all or even called to say that they could not come. I saw an opportunity to change that awful stereotype around. To treat people with integrity, honesty, respect, exceptional customer service, and strive to have lifelong happy, repeat customers. I am in this for the long haul.

Because of the residents of Pecan, the work we have done in our neighborhood helped me establish a name for myself. The residents of Pecan Plantation are wonderful people. Because of them, we were able to start this journey strong.

Double M Garage Doors officially opened for business on April 1st, 2020. We look forward to being your “garage door guy” for life.


Mike Miller

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